Ear Wax Removal FAQ

Here are the answers to some common questions about ear wax removal at Simply Hearing Consultants:

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Excessive ear wax can indeed lead to hearing loss and sometimes tinnitus – a ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears. Thankfully, these symptoms are often temporary and can be resolved with an ear wax removal procedure. If symptoms persist, we also provide comprehensive hearing evaluations

Excess ear wax can accumulate simply over time or due to an overactive sebaceous glands. While some may resort to cotton buds or other objects to remove excess ear wax, this can lead to further blockages. A safer and more efficient solution is micro suction – a specialised medical technique offered at Simply Hearing Consultants which effectively removes ear wax build-up.

Micro-suction is a contemporary technique for ear wax removal that is more comfortable and efficient than traditional ear syringing. The procedure involves a sterile, low pressure suction device that carefully removes wax. We will utilise a binocular microscope to ensure a safe, thorough procedure.

Yes, Micro-Suction is the safest method to eliminate excess ear wax, but like any medical procedure, minor side effects such as temporary dizziness but rest assured your well being is our top priority.

Micro-suction is a swift and painless process when performed by our experienced team at Simply Hearing Consultants.

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Micro-suction typically requires 15 to 45 minutes for both ears. We always ensure that we take before and after photos of your ear canal so you can confidently see the results for yourself. We also conduct a hearing check after the procedure.

This varies from person to person, some individuals produce more ear wax and thus, may benefit from biannual micro-suction. Regular ear exams are recommended.

It is essential that you use drops in the morning and evening 2 days prior to your ear wax removal appointment.

Yes, micro-suction, as it doesn’t involve water, is the preferred method for ear wax removal for those with a perforated ear drum.

At Simply Hearing Consultants, micro-suction ear wax removal costs just £35 for one ear and £60 for both ears. Additionally, we offer a free hearing health check during your visit

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