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Simply Hearing Consultants strives to provide excellent audiological services for everybody. We are dedicated to improve the quality of the lives of individuals and their families by looking at each person’s needs.

We keep up with all the technological advances in audiology. Our equipment is calibrated annually and uses state of the art technology.

A hearing test is advised if you have any concerns, sudden onset hearing loss, are taking medication that affects your hearing or balance, have ringing in your ears, work in an industrial setting or as a musician for example.

How Frequently Do You Need to Have a Hearing Test?

Attention all persons over 60, it’s considered normal practice to have your hearing health checked every 3-5 years or as you feel is necessary. 

Your hearing health matters more than ever.

Let’s prioritise your well-being by getting a comprehensive hearing health check.

Detecting any issues early on can lead to better communication, improved quality of life, and enhanced connections with loved ones.

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We specialise in full diagnostic hearing tests and tailor-made hearing instrument fittings based on the client’s needs and budget.